​I've kept every column Hellen has ever written and looking back at them in these trying times has helped keep me focused. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her column in October 2020 about change. I found it very honest and refreshing to read, so thank you Hellen. 

PB Reader

PB Column

'I would like to say a huge thank you to Hellen Ward for her recent business advice and support! Over the years I have attended several of Hellen's Business Boot Camp courses with my managers. Each time we come away with something new to work on. To all my hairdresser friends I would highly recommend Hellen as a business consultant . No matter how big or small your business may be. '

Laura Leigh

Laura Leigh Hair & Beauty, Cheltenham

'I have attended both Hellen's Business Bootcamp courses - Money and Team - and both were well worth the investment. Hellen has a no-nonsense approach to her delivery, offers a unique insight into her business and the knowledge gained has already turned my business around.  A must for any new salon owners or for those that need a new approach. Thanks Hellen'

Victoria Queree

Neon Salon and School

'What an incredible day in London at L'Oreal doing a Business Bootcamp with Hellen Ward! Can't thank the National Hairdressers Federation enough for choosing me as the winner of the competition as I've truly learnt so much about how to take my business to the next level.' 'Hi Hellen, thank you for today. Both Hannah and Ellie have come back buzzing with excitement and ideas which are all great.' Thanks - I  just wanted to say how helpful, informative and inspirational I find your Bootcamps. I feel I have again learned a lot of really useful information that I can now put into practice.' 'Hellen is brilliant, loved this course and want to come back next year!' 'Hellen is absolutely amazing. She's so inspirational. Can't wait to get started!' 'An excellent course run by Hellen - lots of useful, transferable knowledge. Looking forward to growing our team!' 'Hellen exceeding all my expectations - can't wait to come back again!' 'Hellen was inspiring...' 'Hellen has enlightened me in my new role as Salon Manager, I can't wait to put the knowledge into practice. Thanks Hellen x'

L'Oreal Course Delegates

September 2019, London

Hi Hellen, me and my business partner Beth attended your salon management bootcamp earlier this year. You advised us to look with fresh eyes at our salon and so glad we took it on board... massive thank you for all we learnt and the changes you made us aware that we needed to do.'

Simon Booth

Escape Hair Salon

'Thank you for an inspiring and most importantly educational day, in all aspects of running a hairdressing business. I will never again (and haven't since) apologised for not being a hairdresser! The format of the day had just the right mix of your delivering your knowledge  and interaction with the students. I look forward to attending my next course with you.'

Corrine Sterry

Baloolah, Cobham

'What an amazing course. Hellen is so motivational - she explains everything very clearly and makes it easy to understand'  'After never coming on a course like this before, I didn't know what to expect. Hellen has inspired me in all areas of business; money, management, team. It doesn't matter how many people you employ, she made it relevant. She's passionate about all her employees, and most of all her business'. She offered great ideas and didn't mind you asking anything. Highly recommended'. 'Excellent course, fabulous content, great information, real-life scenarios' ' I had a really insightful experience coming on Hellen's course; in some ways it has made me realise the instinct I had was correct but what Hellen has shown me is the tools to be assured of the structure to implement and follow. As a new business owner I can't say how invaluable Hellen's knowledge and experience is so thank you!' 'Hellen is inspirational and I found her course to be one of the best I've ever been on for business - she's so interesting to listen to.' 'Hellen understands our issues as salon owners. Her knowledge and how she shares what she believes is best practice is amazing. It certainly makes you look at your business through different eyes' 'Excellent content - she's given me loads to take back to the salon and implement'. 'An excellent course delivered by Hellen who practices what she teaches!' 'As a new franchisee this course couldn't have come at a better time. Hellen is truly inspirational and a fountain of knowledge; I will be implementing her tools and ideas straight away! Thank you! I will be back to see her for sure'

L'Oreal Course Delegates

June 2019, Leeds

'Can honestly say Hellen's Business Bootcamps were the best, most motivational and inspiration courses I have ever been on!' 'Hellen was really helpful – she explained everything so clearly and shared so much personal info. Fantastic!' 'Thank you so incredibly much for the last two days. All of my salons messaged me thanking us for your course; you are truly eye-opening, frank and inspirational!' 'Another wonderful day spent with Hellen... she really is an inspiration. If I could achieve just a fraction of what she has, I’d die a happy chap!' 'Thank you again for yesterday, your courses help us more than you know…' 'Great course (just wish I’d done it years ago…)' 'It was exceptional. Cannot recommend enough.' 'I feel fulfilled! So glad it was split over 2 days or my head would have melted! Excellent.' 'Everything was amazing. Content was spot-on.' 'Really, really enjoyed it, and getting to know Hellen – who is my new guru!'

L'Oreal Course Delegates

March 2019, Manchester

'Thank you so much for the presentation. I found it fascinating and took away some gems.  

I particularly liked the splurge gun vs sniper advice.  Knowing and understanding what your speciality is and concentrating on that, makes a lot of sense. It's great to see the success you continue to have, but equally to hear of the challenges, which help shape the successes.  I learnt a lot.'


Pro Beauty Live seminar, Feb 2019

'I loved your presentation and your personality. It was so interesting with a huge dose of important and great tips on what "not to do". I admire how devoted you are to your business and fact that you know your path- don't follow what competitors do,  do what is right for your clients and you. You gave me hope and mental support- even if now is hard, you don't have money, you feel pressure- don't give up- keep on going!!! Just survive this difficult time. At the and...is a light....light from the star!!! Thank you so much for such an amazing and good investment of my time!!!'


Pro Beauty Live seminar, Feb 2019

'Hellen is so good and helpful in the information she gives - very honest! It's so nice to meet other people doing the same as me. Learning from them, and above all Hellen, is priceless. Thank you!'  'Wish we'd known about the second day, it was fab - we will be back! Thank you'  'Massive thank you to Hellen, the course was just what we needed.'  'Hellen is amazing, thank you. Excited to go back and use the information!' 'Hellen is fantastic, greatly inspiring, really knowledgable. Could spend the whole day just asking her questions! Couldn't recommend highly enough! Above and beyond outstanding!'

L'Oreal Course Delegates

January 2019, London

'I have attended both of the Business Bootcamps Hellen runs and would recommend them to any salon owner.  Hellen is inspiring, incredibly knowledgeable and has a very logical approach to business. I have taken so much away from both courses that we are implementing in our business. 10 out of 10! '  

Matthew, Fox Hairdressing - L'Oreal Course Delegate

November 2018, Manchester

'Loved meeting Hellen and learnt so much to take back to the salon.'  'Hi Hellen it was so nice to meet you today. I just wanted to say thanks, was great to re-evaluate where I’m taking the salon. Thanks again Julian x'

L'Oreal Course Delegates

October 2018, London

'Extremely inspirational, and given me a lot to go home and think about! The boost I needed for my salon business.'  '​All of the course was brilliant Hellen made this course so easy to understand. To be perfectly frank there is nothing I could say that could have made this course better well delivered frank and honest and to the point!!!!'  '​We most enjoyed learning management tools and best practice from Hellen, who has so much useful knowledge and gives great guidance. We were very happy and felt it covered everything we needed and more. Great course and learnt so much, thank you.'  '​Hellen was incredible! I felt I got a lot of what she was saying was true and need to implement them to my business.'  'I learnt way more than expected, usually courses like this get quite tedious but I loved every minute.'  'Hellen Ward was excellent, her knowledge of business and the industry is second to none. "You cast your widest net to get your biggest catch, but you never get them all", I think Hellen got us!'

L'Oreal Course Delegates

October 2018, Manchester

'It was a pleasure as usual to have attended part 2 of the your L'Oreal Business Education seminar in Dublin last week. Siobhan and myself found it very fulfilling and came away with loads of things to do. This was the 3rd time to sit in front of you speaking and every time I love the day's workshop.' 

Pat, Ireland

September 2018, Dublin

'I attended your one day course in Dublin last week and absolutely loved it, came away buzzing from it. Thank you!' 

Orla, Ireland

September 2018, Dublin

'Hellen's courses are always excellent' 'She's given me loads to think about - I'm buzzing with new ideas'  'Hellen shared so much about the success of her business, you can really see why she's the guru'  Hellen is fantastic, a real inspiration'  'Hellen was amazing, honest, funny and interesting - loved the course'  'Fantastic course, so worthwhile'  'Hellen, thank you. I really enjoyed both of the courses I attended this year with you in Dublin, and I've already implemented some of your recommendations and will be forging ahead with the latest advice shortly!' 

L'Oreal Course Delegates

September 2018, Dublin

'I want Hellen as my mentor!' 'What a mind-blowing day -she's simply amazing' ' It's like meeting up with an old friend when I see Hellen and come on one of her courses. Her no-nonsense approach (which I  love) has again inspired my business mind into action this week ... God help my team!'  'Hellen just knows our industry inside out and has an answer for everything - fantastic!! Feel like I've been given a new lease of life. I love her!' 'I learnt more in the first hour than I'd ever learnt on a management course before - incredible...' 'The whole day was totally inspiring. I'm so looking forward to putting new structure into our business following Hellen's advice and guidelines'

L'Oreal Course Delegates

July 2018, London

'Wow! Wow! Wow! I genuinely have never enjoyed or got so much out of a theory course before. It was absolutely brilliant and has opened my eyes to so many new ideas. Thank you so very much'  'Hellen was very clear and professional and it was very helpful of her to share so much; she managed to completely change my mindset in running the business in one day!' 'It was so useful to find out what she's done that hasn't worked - so honest!'  'The interaction Hellen had with the group was fantastic and she used examples to relate everything back that made her so easy to understand' 'So enjoyed this course - we took away so many ideas and concepts to implement in our salon, thank you! 'So invaluable to learn new ways of running the business from someone with so much experience. Such a great day!'

L'Oreal Course Delegates

June 2018, Leeds

'Hellen's content is very clear and professional and it was so helpful of her to share because she has a true experience of our industry. She changed my mind-set completely! Excellent'  'Taking advice from someone with so much experience was key - I learned so many new ways of running my business' 'The whole day was spot - excellent'  'Hellen shares so much and isn't afraid to tell you what she's done that didn't work so you can really focus on how to improve things for the good' 'Amazing lady... fab day ... excellent!'

L'Oreal Course Delegates

May 2018, London

'Thank you so much for yesterday. It was an amazing course - it's the best one I've been on by far. So much to think about, so much to do! I'm hoping to come on the next Bootcamp, too. Thank you again, you are truly an inspiring woman!'


Course Delegate

'I approached Hellen as a consultant to help me evaluate the next steps for my business. I spent an enlightening day with her one-on-one where she quickly developed a 10 step plan for me to put into action. Her help has been invaluable. Not only has she saved me money by getting rid of some unnecessary expenditure, but she's given me the confidence to implement the steps and a time-line to work to. She is in regular contact and even chases me to check that I am making progress. Unlike some other consultants, she really does walk the walk and talk the talk, and because she is still running her successful business as her day job I know her advice is second to none. Better still, she is highly confidential and I know I can trust her to be brutally honest'


Salon Owner

'I was fortunate to be in the audience at Professional Beauty Dublin and hear Hellen Ward chair a panel for salon & spa owners on Futureproof Your Finances. Hellen has a genuine desire to share her vast experience and wealth of knowledge to assist other salon owners to form best practice and maximise their potential and results. She’s a true coach and developer of people with the skill to inspire and challenge in equal measures. Her passion for business and desire to share the components of a successful salon are all powerful. If you get the chance, Go listen, Go learn!'

Sharron Lowe

Success Coach, Speaker, Author

'Such an fantastic day- amazing points to take on board and heighten success'  'I only wish I'd done this course when I opened my salon' 'Am reviewing everything; my brand, my ethos, my salary structures' 'Hellen described this course as a Salon Open University - I've got so much to take back and get on with but at least I know where to start!' 'Hellen was amazing - feeling inspired, fired up and above all confident about what I need to do' 'The content was superb - such a great course' 'Hellen told us at the start that she is still firmly at the coalface of her business - she's actually doing what she is telling us to put into practice which is very inspirational'

L'Oreal Course Delegates

September 2017, London

'An intriguing in-depth insight into the issues that can make or break a business for today’s salon owner, and more importantly, how to deal with them...'

John Pickett

Key Account Manager, L’Oreal Professionnel

'In the current climate we see so many salon businesses failing, but who to go to for help? Hellen Ward is an exceptional thinker with a wealth of knowledge and proven industry experience that she is happy to share.  Her 6 Point Game Changer course will open your mind and give you the tools to make anything possible! An absolute must for any salon owner.'

Samantha Kelly

Key Account manager, L’Oreal Professionnel

'Hellen didn’t disappoint;  she has a wealth of knowledge, is inspirational and delivers the course on a level where any business owner/staff member can relate to her. Invaluable!'


Zoe Jackson

Key Account Manager, L’Oreal Professionnel

'Thank you for an amazing course, Hellen'  'If Hellen Ward were running the industry I can't see why any salons would ever go bust' 'The best day I'd ever spent out of the salon'  'I have a to-do list as long as my arm!'  'Has really made me think about my brand - am re-branding pronto!' 'Thank you for a great day - I feel very inspired' 'Absolutely fantastic!' ' Hellen really knows her stuff - wonderful day' 'Absolutely amazing - number one business course I've ever been to - GO!'

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

July 2017, Birmingham

A brilliant day! Hellen is an inspiration with vast knowledge on all aspects of building and maintaining a hugely successful salon. Hellen shares her knowledge very generously and with great honesty. I would highly recommend 6 Point Game Changer to any owner or manager.

Lorraine Harte, Cats Hair Group

L'Oreal Course Delegates

‘What a fab day… I really enjoyed the course and meeting Hellen – she’s so engaging and inspiring’  ‘Feel motivated to go back and put so much into practice – the solutions she gave me to every issue I raised were invaluable’ ‘ I’m thinking of starting my own business so today was just perfect – have a far greater understanding of what’s involved and will be ordering her books ASAP!’ ‘ Fab course, excellently presented’ ‘Wish I’d done this course 20 years ago when I first opened’ ‘I’d seen one of Hellen’s seminars so was so excited to spend a day with her – worth every second’

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

June 2017, Southhampon

‘After meeting Hellen at  the Pro Beauty Expo and at our Decleor/Carita conference on the Sunborn Yacht and seeing one of her fab business workshops, I’m excited that my first purchase of her books has arrived. I visited one of my accounts this week who had been on one of her business workshops at the L’Oreal Academy  and she said it was the best day she had spent away from the salon and she came away with SO much’


‘Brilliant, inspirational woman’  ‘Just love her!’ ‘Thank you so much for a very jam-packed and incredibly eye opening day at your business workshop today’ ‘ I’ve got a lot to get on with when I’m back in the salon tomorrow!’  ‘Could do with a regular injection of Hellen every couple of months – feeling inspired and focused!’ ‘So much energy – she positively crackles!’  ‘Truly informative – excellent’ ‘ There’s not a lot she doesn’t know about this business – she’s got an answer for everything. So motivational!’ ‘Thank you, thank you – absolutely loved it!’ ‘I’ve learnt so much today, I feel far more ready to open my new salon’  ‘Wonderful – feel overwhelmed with information but now have a clear plan…’

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

May 2017, Liverpool

‘I used Hellen’s Creating Webmagic service as I didn’t have the first idea of how to create a brand presence for my very specialist services (Aromatherapy, Gemmotherapy and Phytotherapy). She’s designed and written an amazing website for me, helping me find the right domain name and advising on how to best market not just my services, but how to position my expertise. I cannot thank her enough on what would have been a daunting task, which ultimately would have remained very much an un-ticked box had she not swiftly taken me under her wing. She delivered the whole thing within a month of our meeting and has given me a site that I can edit and update myself – incredible! My site is shortly going live and I am indebted to Hellen…’

– Pamela Tinker

Aromatherapist, www.pamelatinker.com

‘Thank you for such a brilliant training day yesterday – so much industry relevant advice, tips & structure – am looking forward to implementing as much of it as possible. Will download your gold package as soon as it is available! A totally inspirational and motivating day. Thanks again’

– Laura Holt


‘Thank you for yesterday – it was great to spend the day with you and see an incredible business woman deliver a fantastic course”  “Brilliant value for money – Hellen gave us 6 stages of content which we can take away an implement in our business. Having the information sent by email meant the day wasn’t about frantic note taking, too”   “Excellent content and presentation. Hellen even gave us time in breaks to get specific and pick her brains about own own business issues which was fantastic and unexpected”   “Invaluable – wish I’d discovered this course before opening my salon! However as Hellen says it’s never to late to make effective changes and now I have a clear vision of what I need to do. Want to go back again in 6 months to have a recap and fine tune!'

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

April 2017, London

‘Great course – I attended Salon Guru with Hellen in 2014, so I had high expectations. She didn’t disappoint – excellent content’.  ‘Hellen was fab!’  ‘ Loved the course, thank you Hellen’  ‘Very inspirational and great presentation’  ‘Excellent as usual!’  ‘This course was truly inspirational! So much to take back and instigate’  ‘Great day, thanks Hellen!’  ‘Fantastic day Hellen! Thank you’   ‘So much food for thought… Hellen asked us whether we were hairdressers or businesswomen first and foremost and that we can’t be both in equal measure…one has to take priority.  She’s right, I now have my business head firmly screwed on!’

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

March 2017, Belfast

‘I really enjoyed your ‘Becoming Brandtastic!’ presentation yesterday at HJ Live.  It took me back to working with my salon teams and decisions we made in creating and developing our brand’

– Jez


‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for your three fantastic books on Salon Management. I have devoured the first two and am eagerly awaiting the third and final ‘installment’ which is winging it’s way to me from Amazon as I type. They really are the ‘Holy Trinity’ of salon management! I am in the process of writing my business plan for my first hair salon – a small (but hopefully perfectly formed) boutique style offering which I am endeavoring to launch on a very tight budget. Your expertise and advice has been invaluable’

– Victoria

‘I wanted to send you a note to say how lovely it was to meet you this week at the conference. My team and I enjoyed your presentation and have taken away vital tips and ideas to move forward with. Thank you once again. You are an inspiration’


West Sussex

‘Just a quick email to say thanks for last Tuesday. I’d got into a hole of self pity and is it all worth it but by the drive back I was making plans again’

– Aidan

‘I recently purchased your management books. I am still in the process of re- reading them, however, I felt compelled to drop you a brief note of thanks. Your books are brilliant! They are: clear, concise and compellingly motivating. Motivation is (in my opinion) very important because you can easily feel somewhat lost or isolated when you are solely responsible for everything (particularly when negotiating a challenging economic climate). As hairdressers we often have access to creative motivation but less so to managerial encouragement and coaching. I confess that I have attended some good small business courses at my local Chamber of Commerce, but, your books provide specific advice and have been laid out in such a way that you can ‘dip into’ areas of management that are particularly relevant to your own operational requirements. Also, as a hairdresser you feel safe in the knowledge that the advice given is always appropriate to your business. You think ‘this is what I need to do; it is good advice from Hellen Ward, someone who really understands the business and has created success (with her highly talented husband of course) by actually applying the theory! Lastly and I really hope this does not sound disingenuous or patronising, may I say how proud I am that someone of your obvious abilities represents my industry’

– Joanne


‘My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the course with Hellen in Manchester.
I would like to say an extra thank you to Hellen as when I returned to the salon I was handed a letter from a member of staff. The letter was basically a list of all the things they were not happy with about their job with most emphasis on their salary. In the past I would have panicked in this situation but after spending the day with Hellen I felt confidently equipped to handle it. I donned the ‘Teflon’ suit and explained to them about the new wage structure , ways that we could ‘help them’ improve things and of course the KPI’s which we will be introducing in the new year. I was happy with the way the meeting went and surprisingly, the employee is too ! So thanks a million Wardy woman, you are a star!’

– Matt

‘I’m currently reading your management books and I’m really loving them – just wanted you to know’

– Rachel

‘Thank you for yesterdays training. As always it was informative and inspirational. My business partner in particular got so much from the day which will be helpful to me. I refer to the third book the most but I know I still have to put in place more from the last few chapters. Days like yesterday are so vital to me they are the top up I need. The training I have had from you has transformed my business in so many ways but it has also changed me personally in how I deal with situations in day to day salon life….you truly are the most amazing trainer and thank goodness you have spent time putting together a fool proof plan on how to run a successful business….is it easy? No! but who said it would be easy!! BUT IT WORKS!!!! just follow the plan’

– Elaine


‘Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for the course you delivered today!! I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it and you have inspired me!! Really looking to getting things put into practice’

– Lisa


‘Thank you so much for a great day Tuesday, I really learnt a lot and became very inspired!’

– Linzi

‘Thank you for hosting another great course yesterday. I’ve been feeling really down about the salon recently and you have helped me to confirm that I am a plate spinner and given me the confidence boost to get off my backside and do something about it!!’

– Lisa

'I thought I would just send an email to give my appreciation for your books. They are extremely useful and helpful; also enjoyable to read. These books are a great insight into opening and running a salon. Thank you’

- Neil

‘Hi Hellen, just a quick message to say how much I enjoyed your course today, felt all sorts of emotions today, but think these were natural! Excitement, fear, everything! However I have more fire in my belly now, thanks again, my brain is fried but in a good way!!!’

– Andy

‘Just a little e-mail to say thank you once again for yesterday. I really, really enjoyed your course. I’m still fairly new to the business side of the hair industry and you made things really clear, simple and you also inspired me to be better much like yourself – ha ha!’

– Liam


‘I attended the your course recently and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Having been in the industry as long as I have much of the content of it formed the basis of what I already believe in a preach weekly (daily) however it made me realise that in certain areas I have taken my foot off the gas somewhat. Consequently I am back in the salons now with a new, fresh approach which can only be credited to you – many thanks!’

– Ray


‘First thing’s first – the course was incredible. Our manager has come back motivated, clearly visioned and really thinking a lot about productivity, profit and loss. Thank you for that! It has come at just the right time. I told our L’Oreal educator that your delivery and content was probably the best L’Oreal course I’ve invested in during the last 10 years! :)’

– Chris


‘Thank you for the 6 Point Game Changer experience. We are so grateful for the time and effort you put in to share your thoughts and experiences with us. Since we are planning to enter a new phase at our salon, your comments were very timely. I believe, as a brand, we can benefit immediately from your expertise and guidance’

– Justine

‘I just wanted to send you an email after attending your course on Monday to tell you how much I enjoyed it and how much I learnt from it as well. I left feeling completely inspired and motivated, everything you spoke about made complete sense to me and I can definitely see how it can be effectively implemented into our business. I never realised that you were only 20 when you started management but it was certainly encouraging for me to see, being 20 myself’

– Dom

‘Just a quick note to say thank you so much for such an inspirational day last Monday. Both girls have come back buzzing since. Hellen thanks again for putting a much needed injection of energy in to both me and the salon’

– Claire

‘Just wanted to say thank you and much appreciated article in Professional Beauty. Was feeling downcast, now feeling optimistic thanks to you’

– Sarah

‘You’re truly inspirational, especially how you balance a career and children. I only wish I could of had time to get through the millions of questions for you’

– S


‘I read your articles with interest as we are both very much business focused as opposed to “creative”; your thoughts and comments are really inspiring’

– Dawn

‘Fantastic to meet you today, after reading and hearing so much about you it was great to meet the Lady herself and may I say a deserved reputation as being a very strong articulate business leader in our industry and a role model!’

– Ben

‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for your inspirational and informative presentation last Sunday, your energy and enthusiasm was contagious and the style in which you presented your material made it so delightful to watch. Your seminar was certainly the highlight for me and I am looking forward to making some crucial amendments to my business in the very near future. Thank you once again for what was a truly motivational seminar’

– Victoria


‘Thank you for a very inspirational speech at the Sunday before last conference’

– Val

‘Thank you for sharing your experience with us, we have both found it extremely useful, and know it will help us build our salon’

– Donna and Ali

‘Hellen’s 6 Point Game Changer course made me relook at the ways I run my business and how to overcome challenges. It was presented so clearly. Would recommend it to any salon owner’

– Emma Jarvis

The Hair Base, Great Yarmouth

‘We met at one of courses at L’Oreal and I had a really great conversation with you that changed and impacted the way I view my career. I have read your books and followed you and your husband’s careers closely. I have a deep respect for the both of you I love the passion you have for our industry and your strive to make it better. I really enjoyed and learned from your course and the conversations we had during the breaks and at the end of the course’

– Rachel


‘Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your course on Monday and found the day very inspirational. I have come back with plenty of new ideas’

– Simon


‘Firstly I’d just like to say how much Jon, myself and the girls enjoyed the course on Monday. You truly were an inspiration to us all, in different ways…’

– Sarah


‘@hellenward I love reading your business page in @pro_beauty so informative and inspiring. Definitely helping me run my first beauty salon!’

– Tonic


‘Getting Established was a great read as it helped bring up my experience level which Hellen has been kind enough to share. It got me thinking and reworking my previous strategies for salons. A wonderful and informative book’

– Sam


‘The best business course I’ve experienced. It was a true inspiration and an example of what can be achieved in the industry. Hellen covered everything from branding to finance’

– Sammy G


‘I just wanted to write to say how very much my husband and I enjoyed your talk at the conference a couple of weekends ago. It was great to listen to you, in fact I was quite disappointed when you finished, I could have listened for much longer! Thanks again for being so inspiring and interesting at the conference. I hope to listen to you again sometime’

– Sarah


‘I just want to say a massive thank you for Monday you have really opened my eyes to my business and have got me focused and ready to change things. I’m excited for the future of my business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I really hope we meet again in the future as you really inspired me and really would love to learn more as I feel my business has so much potential that I haven’t achieved yet’

– Rachel

‘Such a good course.’ ‘Hellen is very inspiring and has given me lots to think and act on.’ ‘Great to hear her experience and methods.’ ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it exceeded my expectations entirely.’ ‘Really good – I learnt lots!!’

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

February 2016, Cambridge

‘Great thanks.’ ‘Very inspirational.’ ‘Excellently presented in digestible pieces – a lot of food for thought.’ ‘I had an amazing day and learnt a lot.’

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

April 2016, Bristol

‘Hellen perfectly dumbed down the route to improving the salon business.’ ‘Hellen was fantastic – precise and informative but not condescending in any way which was great.’ ‘Excellent content, well presented and very motivational.’ ‘Very good course, very inspirational woman.’

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

May 2016, Glasgow

‘My business partner sent me along as she credits Hellen with transforming our business. Her positive energy is so infectious I can’t wait to get back and put her plan into action.’ ‘My brain is overloaded; I got a huge amount from Hellen – she covered loads.’ ‘I found it totally brilliant.’ ‘Left feeling completely inspired.’

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

May 2016, Dublin

‘Hellen’s course was incredible.’ ‘The information Hellen shared was invaluable.’ ‘It was very inspirational and will go back with lots of ideas.’ ‘Brilliant talk from Hellen.’ ‘Hellen was very engaging and kept everyone’s attention the whole time.’

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

June 2016, London

‘The only thing that would make the course better would be a day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 …’ ‘Highly recommended!’ ‘Hellen is an inspirational presenter.’ ‘Very good – excellent pace for me as a newcomer into the industry.’

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

July 2016, Newcastle

‘Hellen it was lovely to see you again in Newcastle, Clare and I really enjoyed the day – you are truly an inspiration!’

– Gilly


‘I thoroughly enjoyed your course in Glasgow recently and on returning home that evening I began to put plans in place to change certain things. I learnt lots of new things, how to improve on some of the areas that we’re already doing and remembering some things we used to do that we have stopped doing. Again many thanks for a very enjoyable and inspirational day’

– Salon Owner


‘As usual thank you for being such an inspirational woman in this industry, and I look forward to hearing more from you’

– Salon Owner


‘I attended the Guinot event in Manchester recently and yet again thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, lots of valuable information as per usual!’

– Sheila Morton

Sheila Henry Hair & Beauty Salon

‘Wonderful.’ ‘It was great.’ ‘Great job!’ ‘Was extremely helpful and interesting.’ ‘Would highly recommend.’ ‘Great insights and funny that everything is scalable – big and small salons have the same challenges.’

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

September 2016, London

‘Hellen is ridiculously well connected (both within and outside the industry) and knows her sector inside and out, too. There’s no doubt that she deserves her well -founded reputation as a force to be reckoned with in every way!’

– Manufacturer


‘Hellen’s help and guidance has been critical in our plans to get our technology into the industry. She’s advised us along the way and held our hand through what could have been a potential minefield by ensuring we were alerted well in advance to the pitfalls we couldn’t possibly have foreseen from the outset, but which she knew we’d come up against from her extensive experience. She’s guided us through this learning curve and saved us from making some very expensive mistakes as well as introducing us to her contacts. Best still, she’s tailored those contacts to ensure we’ve worked only with those who have really been able to help us. Her wisdom on brand building coupled with her knowledge of the market is second to none, proving invaluable during this process, and continuing to do so’

– Tech start-up company

London 2016

‘I did your course back in March last year and I can’t tell you how helpful it was when starting my business. I changed so many things for the better thanks to you and I just wanted to let you know how great I thought you were. You’re so easy to talk to and down to earth it was just great to hear from someone who has been there and done it! I was so shocked to see you and Richard working on the Salon International stand for Tangle Angel just goes to show how down to earth and hard working you really are!!’

– Stacey Hutchings

Salon 55

‘Hellen’s insight into the market has been extremely useful. She’s identified and helped us define our hero product and guided us to the right niche for it; without her input we’d have made some costly errors in our launch strategy and product offering. She’s very well versed in her sector and certainly knows her stuff. Invaluable’

– VC/Investor


‘I want to say the biggest thank you for your time that you spent with us today. You are a lady that knows her stuff, who is honest and someone who is not frightened to share her ideas. You have left us with a clear path and are so excited about where we are headed. We are already looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you so very much.
PS you’re a super star!’

– Mark Smith

Smiths Hairdressing

‘Hellen Ward is one of the smartest and most entrepreneurial businesswomen I have ever met. Not only is she the business muscle behind the Richard Ward empire, but she has also written books, created apps and given unflinching support to the wider hairdressing and business communities. She is an engaging speaker and an inspiring woman to know. She also retains her staff for many years – a sure sign of a good leader’

– Nicola Ibison

Managing Director, The Ibison Talent Group

‘Just an extended thanks for all your help yesterday. Your presentation was very well received from our clients and looking at the feedback forms was definitely the highlight of the day for them – so thank you!’

– Hanna Smith

Marketing & Events Executive, Guinot-Mary Cohr UK Ltd

‘One of the best courses L’Oreal run. Excellent – just loved it!’ ‘Enjoyed the day and really learnt a lot – thank you!’ ‘Thanks Hellen; inspiring and brilliant!’ ‘Excellent course, enjoyed all Hellen had to say, very informative. ‘Hellen’s energy really rubbed off on all of us – fantastic!’ ‘Took back loads of information that I can really put to use straight away’. ‘Hellen explained everything really clearly. Amazing day!’

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

October 2016, Manchester

‘I just wanted to say your course last Monday inspired me so much and I found you as a person so inspirational! I have been buzzing ever since! I also went home and ordered all of your books straight away and they all came through tonight so I am very excited!’

– Lucy


‘Fab – Great, can’t believe that I have sat there for so long and been so engrossed all day!’ ‘Very grateful to Hellen for being so open and honest. This was an excellent course’ ‘Very pleased!’  ‘Very informative, inspirational course!’ ‘Marvellous learning for any salon owner, upbeat, packed full of new idea to grow/start my business. Thank you Hellen.’ ‘Best course I’ve been on with L’Oreal.’  ‘Feel very inspired, feel all information was 100% relevant.’  ‘Hellen Ward was so motivational, passionate and great to listen to’

– L’Oreal Course Delegates

February 2017, London

‘I attended your day course at L’Oreal on Monday which was amazing. I learnt so much, so wanted to say a big thank you. I’m looking forward to implementing many of your ideas soon’

– Tim


‘@hellenward thank you for another inspirational seminar today @DecleorUK & @pro_beauty & for the guidance on our bespoke treatments!’

– Lift Beauty

‘Thank you so, so much for such a wonderfully inspiring day on Monday. I really enjoyed it! I can’t tell you how much I got out of it … as soon as I got home I started tinkering with my website with some changes! My brain is whizzing with ideas now!’

– Marc Trinder

St Albans

Had a great morning… seminar with @hellenward … always fantastic to hear her speak and pick up new ideas’

– Pure Bliss Spa

‘Truly inspiring’, ‘Realistic, inspiring and motivating’, ‘Inspirational presentation – thank you for empowering us all.’ ‘Was the best guest speaker and she was really motivational.’ ‘Amazing. Loved her; so inspiring.’ ‘Loved her presentation. Found a lot of what she said to be valuable and interesting.’ ‘Nice lady, liked her statistics.’ ‘One of the best presentations, she is amazing. Really enjoyed the experience of having her sharing her career and the tips on how to be so successful.’ ‘Very informative! Second time I’ve seen her present and both times I have learnt a lot!’ ‘Inspiring.’ ‘Very good; such an amazing woman.’ ‘Really easy to relate to and very influential.’ ‘Hellen was fantastic – a down to earth, hard working woman. It was great to hear her story.’

– Delegates, Headmaster’s Manager’s Conference

October 2016

‘Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and Gavin for your fabulous presentation yesterday. Our members absolutely loved listening to you and truly appreciated the way you both were so open to sharing information and relating it to everybody in the room. You were both a joy to work with which made life so easy. Again many, many thanks and I hope you will allow me to invite you both again sometime in the future’

– Ken West, Director of 365 Education

October 2016

‘Hellen has the Midas touch when it comes to business and is the driving force behind the huge success that Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa have enjoyed as well as the product range which has done so well in the UK and beyond. She has a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur and is one of the smartest women I know, but it is her ability to share and communicate that knowledge so effectively when speaking, writing and mentoring hairdressers and other business people that really sets her apart. Hellen truly is an inspiration!’

– Julia Champion

Managing Director, Champion Talent

‘Thank you so much for the day today Hellen! Fantastic course for all salon owners! So much good information and great insights!’

– Adam


‘I always try to read your column in the Professional Beauty magazine and have seen you many times at seminars. I always make a beeline to any of your talks as you have been the only person in the Beauty profession that has ever spoken any sense!’

– Rachel


‘I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Hellen for over 20 years. What makes Hellen Ward unique is her ability to advise, mentor and listen, without judgement, without feeling threatened. Hellen is a business woman with integrity and compassion who loves to see others succeed and offers her contacts and opportunities to help. This is rare in today’s world.’

– P


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