British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE) Appoints Hellen Ward as Vice President

October 2018
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The board and membership of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE) is delighted that Hellen Ward has accepted the position of Vice President.  President Louise Oliver says "Hellen, Managing Director of the UK’s leading  Royal & celebrity salon, Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, is a true entrepreneur, having grown her businesses successfully over the years and developed products which, as well as in UK, are sold internationally. Hellen’s input as a board member of BAWE has been invaluable and now as VP she is well placed to continue encourage the growth of BAWE UK and ultimately entrepreneurship." BAWE is a member of ‘FCEM’, founded in 1945 and is the largest international women’s association in the world, now represented in 120 countries. BAWE is an invitation only networking group which meets regularly to allow their diverse membership an opportunity to network and inspire each other, including an opportunity to hear the stories of an eclectic mix of guest speakers from all sectors, from the arts (photographers, authors) to commerce and industry, the association champions those involved in their own businesses in both the public and private sectors. 

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The NHF and the NBF Appoint Hellen Ward as First Beauty Ambassador

October 2018
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Today it has been announced that Hellen Ward, Anne Veck and Christian Wiles will become new industry ambassadors for the NHF and the NBF. They will take on the high-profile role of motivating and inspiring members across the UK to build successful and profitable businesses. All three ambassadors will be making their debut at the NHF’s Business Awards on Sunday 04 November. Visit for more information.  

Hellen Ward, MD of Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, Vice President of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs, and a regular beauty writer will be the NBF’s first Beauty Ambassador. Hellen comments, “I have always championed the NHF 100%. There hasn’t been a voice that truly crosses over between hair and beauty, but that’s where the National Beauty Federation will help. It's brilliant news that the NBF will be providing the same valuable support for beauty salons. It’s fantastic to be part of that journey.”

Hilary Hall, NHF and NBF chief executive, said “Our ambassadors have a wealth of industry knowledge, experience and expertise that they plan to share with our Members over the coming year. 

“The aim of the ambassadors is to make a real difference to individual hair and beauty businesses by injecting fresh passion, new ideas and innovative ways of working that could potentially transform salons and barbershops. 
“We can’t wait for them to meet our Members at our Business Awards event and to see everything we have planned for the ambassadors come to fruition – it’s going to be a very exciting year!”