Business Bootcamps

Hellen’s Business Bootcamps give salon managers or owners a workable blueprint to rejuvenate and revitalise any hair, beauty or spa business.

In these two interactive workshops, Hellen details the key elements she believes are vital to boosting any salon’s performance, sharing her tried and tested methodologies to produce long-lasting, tangible results. With content to implement when you return to your business, whether the salon is owned or managed, at conceptual stage or long-standing, Hellen’s game-changing plans are applicable to any size of salon or spa. So whether you need to re-boot your business,  improve your financial performance or gain some much needed clarity or direction, these two, one-day seminars will give you a point by point take-home strategy to implement and steer you on the path to success.

Student Profile

Any salon owner, soon-to-be salon owner, franchisee or decision-making manager.

NB: These courses are designed to work as a two day education platform. For optimum results please book so you attend on consecutive days.

Business Bootcamp - Money

  • Brand Bullet-Proofing– strategising your niche in the market place

  • Targeting Productivity - maximising performance for salon and team

  • Analysing Income – tracking your turnover and financial performance 

  • Monitoring Expenditure – controlling and assessing your costs

  • Ensuring Profitability - industry benchmarks and cost margins ​

  • Optimising Turnover - effective marketing and business development

Focusing on all things financial, Hellen delivers her Money Bootcamp in her trademark, non-nonsense 'hairdresser speak' style, making getting to grips with the profit and loss easy to understand. A must for any salon owner struggling to improve and make sense of the finances.


Business Bootcamp - Team

In such a competitive market, as a service industry we are only as good as our worst team members - so never has cultivating and keeping a great workforce been so key. Hellen makes sense of how we can nurture and develop our team members and aid critical staff retention in our challenging labour intensive industry.

  • Developing Expertise - pricing and marketing specialist services

  • Tracking Performance –  operator KPI's and communicating  team data

  • Team Future-Proofing – team CPD and delivering consistency

  • Salary Packages - performance realted pay and win-win staff success

  • Creating Incentives - staff rewards and recognition factors

  • Customer Retention - client UXP and service benchmarks


To Book

Please call 0800 028 3448 or email coursesuk@loreal.com or log into www.lorealaccess.com
Remember, to get maximum results attend on consecutive days!